Fiction editing

It’s all about making your words work, beautifully.


Need some editing help with a manuscript, but not sure about the next step? The quickest way to get started is simply using the email link here. We can have a free, no-obligation email conversation about your work, what stage you’re at, what your objectives are. If editing is the right “next step”, there are all sorts of options, described more fully in the menu on the left (below if you’re on a mobile). An Opening Critique looks at your first chapter to make sure you’re on the right track. A Manuscript Assessment is the equivalent of a professional beta-read. An Agent’s Critique is helpful if you’ve had rejections from agents or publishers. My signature service is a full Developmental Edit on an entire finished manuscript . For more proactive longer-term help, we can discuss Mentoring (writer coaching), or a Writer’s Retreat.
If you’d like a quick professional critique of just your very first few pages (perhaps you don’t know what an editor really does, or you’d like some kind of feedback on your writing before you consider paying for “proper” editing), consider submitting to our sister site The Opening Lines. It’s entirely free, and will give you some kind of idea about what I do.

About me.

I’m a member of the SfEP, a partner member of ALLi, and an affiliate editor of, the premier writing website in Ireland. I regularly contribute to the Irish Times on writing matters, as well as local press, and I’m soon to be a published author, with a YA novel “Evenrood” coming out in spring, 2018. Although I’ve gone the traditional route, I strongly believe that self-publishing can give a voice to many independent authors otherwise neglected by the traditional publishing world. I’ve helped authors realise their self-publishing ambitions, and also helped writers achieve award success and secure traditional publishing deals (see my testimonials page). I’d love to help you realise your story-telling dreams. Get in touch!