Fiction editing

It’s all about making your words work, beautifully.


Need some editing help with a book you’re writing, but not sure about the next step? The quickest way to get started is simply using the email link here. We can have a free, no-obligation email conversation about your work, what stage you’re at, what your objectives are. If editing is the right “next step” there are all sorts of options, described more fully in the menu on the left (below if you’re on a mobile). A professional beta-read gives you a professional’s opinion of the book as a whole, on a summary level. An agent’s critique is a look at your submission package to agents or publishers, helpful if you’ve been getting rejected and don’t know why. My signature service is a full developmental edit on an entire finished manuscript.
If you’d like a quick professional critique of just your very first few pages (perhaps you don’t know what an editor really does, or you’d like some kind of feedback on your writing before you consider paying for “proper” editing), consider submitting to our sister site The Opening Lines. It’s entirely free, and will give you some kind of idea about what I do and my editing style. The site is also an invaluable resource for advice on common problems with novel openings, and how to make sure your opening avoids them.

About me.

I’m a Professional member of the CIEP, a full member of the AFEPI, a Partner Member of ALLi (the Alliance for Independent Authors), an affiliate editor of, the premier writing website in Ireland, and Approved Supplier for the Canada-based Publaunch crowdfunding platform. I regularly contribute to the Irish Times on writing matters, as well as local press, and I talk regularly at Writers’ Conferences on writing and editing. I’ve helped writers publish, get bestseller status, achieve award success and secure traditional publishing deals (see my testimonials page).
I’m also a writer, so I know what it’s like on the other side of the desk, which I think is important. I have a useful guide to the process of self-editing, called Self-editing for Self-publishers out in paperback, hardback and ebook. I self-published, because I wanted to be familiar with the self-publishing process myself, in order to better advise clients.
I’d love to help you realise your story-telling dreams. Get in touch!