Book critiques, developmental edits and proofreading services for authors. Editing, proofreading and content optimisation for business.

Editing for business

Need editing or proofreading help with website content, promotional material, training manuals, presentations, theses? Adverts or articles strewn with grammar, punctuation and spelling errors can be memorable for all the wrong reasons. A poorly written presentation will undermine the clarity of the message you want to get across. And writing effectively for the web demands a very specific approach. I can provide content in the form of blog posts or site text, written clearly and concisely to get your message across. I can provide a one-off editing audit, or you can retain me for effective ongoing content management.

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Editing for writers

Aware that your writing needs polishing but unsure exactly what’s wrong? Rejected by agents or publishers and not getting any feedback as to why? Keen to self-publish but not sure if your book is as good as it could be? There could be simple solutions to bring your work up to a publishable standard. Look at the range of options for writers, everything from a quick look at your opening chapter and synopsis to a week-long residential retreat. All types of editing commissions undertaken, from the building blocks of the developmental edit to the final polish of the proofread.

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Read a few of the comments made by people I have helped…

“Without a doubt, the best critique I have ever received. I cannot thank you enough”

“Your review was helpful, honest and spot on”

“Thanks for your great review of my book. You’ve given me tons of things to think about”

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