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  1. Hi,
    I was on Authonomy for a number of years with my offerings; still unpublished and still hopeful. Good to realise that there are people like yourself willing to give constructive advice.

    • Thanks Pat. It was a great community while it lasted, giving many authors some incredibly helpful critique, authors who have now gone on to both traditionally publish and to achieve independent publishing success. I hope that this site can replicate at least some of that function.

  2. Hi Richard, I hope and pray to god that your site is a success. I say this because we live in such a selfish world these days. You can’t believe how much a site like yours’s is needed especially for authors who are new to the game like I am and I’m sure that their are thousands of new authors who will welcome a site like this. Tell me in future can we see and then ultimately use the editors proof-readers and copywriters you will have on your panel, as it would be good to work with the same team throughout a project?

    • Thanks, Margaret. I think it is of help. Most authors starting out have no idea how high the bar is set in the real publishing world—I know I didn’t. Most submissions are rejected without a word of feedback, so an author is unlikely to improve—they’ll still be making the same mistakes years later and wondering why they aren’t getting anywhere. This site is different. It does give you feedback, and can help show you where you’re likely to be losing the interest of publishers and agents, and how to fix it.
      In response to your question, the site is not a funnel for editing inquiries, but if people are happy with the critique they’ve received, then obviously I’d be delighted if they considered hiring me as an editor for their complete manuscript. The critiques here do stand up as a kind of sample edit, so that people can see my editing style and what assistance I can give. If the site really takes off, as I think it might, then I will be looking for suitably qualified fiction editors to hire for the team. But I’m not considering applications at the moment, so please don’t write in, editors!

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