Reader reviews of client work on Amazon

“Well-written and edited”

“Whoever did the proofreading did an excellent job”

Thanks from authors:

Testimonials from authors:

“Thanks to my editor, Richard Bradburn, for your insight, grammatical discipline, and  a number of cheap (but very funny) jokes” – Bad Napkin by TSW Sharman, published 2016

“I just wanted to say so much about how phenomenal your work is. Your developmental edit is absolutely brilliant. I wish you were writing the book” – 20 20 Vision by A Childs, wip

I still remember that email and often think about what you wrote. You had faith in me even if I didn’t.” – Secrets at Ocean’s Edge by K Napier, published in Jan, 2018 by Hachette.

“I always had a certain dread about the idea of an editor, but you have turned that dread into an immensely positive and cherished experience.” Narcissus, by G. Colton, wip

“You’re really an excellent editor. I’ve had quite a few people look at it, and no-one has picked that up, but as soon as I read your comments I was like OF COURSE! Best critique ever.” Emma Cardwell, wip

Thanks so much for your comments. That is certainly the most penetrating and insightful review I’ve received”

“Without a doubt, the best critique I have ever received. I cannot thank you enough”

“Thank you for your great review of my book. You’ve given me tons of things to think about”

“Thank you for such detailed and helpful criticism and also, the great positive remarks”

“Thank you so much for your review. It was excellent and just what I was looking for””

“Your review was helpful, honest and spot on”

“The in-depth critique was comprehensive, insightful and, above all, useful.”

Author success:

Two entries (out of 39) of the 2016 Bath Novel Award long-list announced 30/4/2016 were the subject of editorial.ie critiques.

Congratulations to editorial.ie client Kali Napier, signed with Hachette Australia for a two book deal in October 2016. “Secret’s at Ocean’s Edge” was published in January, 2018.