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Editing your book

Aware that your writing needs polishing but unsure exactly what’s wrong? Rejected by agents or publishers and not getting any feedback as to why? Keen to self-publish but not sure if your book is as good as it could be? There could be simple solutions to bring your work up to a publishable standard. Look at the range of options for writers, everything from a quick look at your opening chapter and synopsis to a week-long residential retreat. All types of editing commissions undertaken, from the building blocks of the developmental edit to the final polish of the proofread.

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“I always had a certain dread about the idea of an editor, but you have turned that dread into an immensely positive and cherished experience.”

“Without a doubt, the best critique I have ever received. I cannot thank you enough”

“I just wanted to say so much about how phenomenal your work is. Your developmental edit is absolutely brilliant. I wish you were writing the book”

“You’re really an excellent editor. I’ve had quite a few people look at it, and no-one has picked that up, but as soon as I read your comments I was like OF COURSE! Best critique ever.”

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The Opening Lines

Are you about to submit to agents or publishers, or are you about to self-publish? How confident are you that your book’s first few pages are as polished as they need to be to get industry interest, or to convert a potential purchaser into a reader? Editorial.ie sponsors TheOpeningLines.com, a site where you can submit your book’s opening 1000 words for an entirely free professional critique. You can also read previous submissions and their critiques for invaluable advice on how to best start your book. The submission form for the site is below.

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